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Terms of use for ad server/communication platform

Privacy policy

We have created Privacy policy principles that refer to acquisition, use, publication, transition and preservation of data. Our actions in web are done according to laws of the Republic of Latvia and corresponding EU legislation.


1. Acquisition of personal data

1.1 Personal data is information that has been submitted in website of with consent of an individual or legal entity.
1.2 Acquisition of date can be done in this way:


2. Use of personal data


3. Protection of the personal data of client uses all possible safety measures including administrative, technical and physical to protect personal data of the clients. Access to the data processing and readjusting functions is granted only to authorized persons.


4. Regulations and amendments of Privacy policy

4.1 We assume that You have read and accepted our Privacy policy principles and regulations before use of our website. We retain rights to amend basic regulations of the Privacy policy while informing all permanent clients.

4.2 To answer all questions regarding Privacy policy or data processing and in case if client wants to refuse from receiving commercial offers or has decided to delete entire data from profile we kindly ask to contact us by using e-mail [email protected].


5. Money refund policy

5.1. Money used for purchase in website will not be returned.

5.2. If website is not available due to technical problems, publication terms of advertisements will be respectively prolonged except cases when is not available because of individual internet providers’ fault.


6. Terms of advertisement content

Advertisements may not be approved and may be deleted or user may be warned of the inadequate content with a request to correct it if:
 6.1 Advertisement contains illegal, immoral, offensive, fraudulent information, text or picture.

6.2 Advertisement is inserted in inappropriate or partly inappropriate chapter of the website

6.3 Advertisements do not contain precise and detailed description of product or service or lack important information on product quality, condition, material, size, functionality, employment nuances, acceptable spheres of use etc. and have a poor, deceptive picture that does not help to identify data mentioned above.

6.4 Advertisment offers more than one product or service or the text of advertisement is too general and uncertain. For example it contains text – any fruit or vegetables, all dairy products etc. Every advertisement can contain information of only one product or service including detailed description and precise price. Photos should contain only one specific product from the description of advertisement from only one angle. (see Chapter 6.8 and 6.9)

6.5 Text of advertisement or attached picture contains phone number, e-mail, website address or other information (except specific fields).

6.6 Specific fields of advertisement are filled wrong or the indicated information is incorrect.

6.7 Price indicated in advertisement is wrong and/or extra costs have not been mentioned. The price must be ultimate without any additional terms.

6.8 Photos that do not correspond to the offer described in the text of advertisement or poor quality photos are not admitted. Photos should image only one product that is described in the text of advertisement. General photos where the product to be sold is placed among other objects and does not dominate in the picture are forbidden.

6.9 Photos that contain excessively bright background or are modified into unnatural colors or are made using graphic editor as well as photos that contain dominating titles, graphic modules, logotypes, contact information or effects that change the natural look of image are forbidden.

6.10 Advertisement violates copyright or trademark rights.

6.11 There are many spelling mistakes in the advertisement.

6.12 Advertisement prescribes advance payment for offered product or service.

6.13 Advertisement aims to collect information about users.

6.14 Many other users complain about the advertisement.

6.15 Important information is not included in the advertisement (for example expiration date of product).

6.16 Advertisement does not have necessary license number or concrete contact information if the product or service must have licensing.

6.17 Advertisement offers to sell products or services using multi-level marketing. Offers that are related to gaining profit by registering in network, number of clicks or other doubtful actions.

6.18 Advertisement offers counterfeit or contraband.

6.19 Link indicated in many advertisement opens first page of user’s website. It is allowed to indicate only a link that opens webpage with description of the product offered in advertisement.

6.20 Advertisements are copied from recruitment or employment agencies, auctions and other advertisement services. Advertisements that contain logotype or ad from different advertisement service, auction or employment agency are also not allowed as well as links that indicate other advertisement services.

6.21 Advertisements that contain references to resources that have poor customer service, open pop-up windows, switch on soundtracks or do other malicious actions against customers or information systems. Advertisements that contain product or service offers that are forbidden in ads.

6.22 Advertisements that contain references to webpages that are overloaded with web-meters, advertising blocks and references to other webpages and in case if these pages contain little or outdated information or low quality goods or references to webpages that have no connection to content of advertisement.

6.23 Advertisement consists of emotional text, outcries, appeals, watchwords, declarations and questions. It is forbidden to use exclamation and question marks or other symbols to attract attention. The text of advertisement must be only informative.

6.24 Advertisements repeat with same text or contain identical references. Each text must be unique with reference to concrete product description offered in advertisement.

6.25 Advertisements that may be oriented to spread unclaimed correspondence and advertising brochures and that are related to other intrusive advertising methods and aggressive marketing.


7. Websight rules:

7.1 If rules of are repeatedly or maliciously violated, administration of has rights to forbid user henceforward ad submission and close profile. In case of closing the profile money left in personal account will not be returned.

7.2 has rights to provide information about user to affected persons, police and judicial institutions of the Republic of Latvia after official request in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia or other states where is available.

8. Advertisements free of charge

8.1. Advertisements that are free of charge may be accepted only from individuals and they must not be related to business.

8.2 It is possible to submit only one free advertisement in each of 12 main chapters.

8.3 Repetitive publication is possible only after previous advertisement publication term is over and not more than three consecutive times.

8.4 It is possible to add only one photo using free publication. “Bold” function is no available. Collages, layouts, information graphics and posters are forbidden.


9. Advertisements with fee

9.1 Advertisements with fee may be highlighted using “Bold” function (they will excel other advertisements with green background).

9.2 It is possible to add several photos to advertisement.

9.3 Number of these advertisements is unlimited except cases when user tries to repeat many identical ads.


10. Party liability

10.1 User is fully responsible for the content of advertisement and for delinquencies of legislation of the Republic of Latvia and delinquencies of legislation of corresponding countries where is available. User is also responsible for delinquencies of Terms of use, copyright, economic rights and trademark.

10.2 Owners and administration of are not responsible for loses or inconveniencies related to content of advertisement, actions or unavailability, except in situation mentioned in Chapter 5.2 of Terms of use.

11. Procedure to change Terms of use:

 11.1 Terms of use may be changed and updates are mandatory from the moment of publication in websight of